Maria Phillipos 

Welcome to another one of Paralyzer Productions Album Reviews. As always, hosts Mitchel Nash and William Smith in the Podcast. Let’s get to the reason you’re all here. 

Maria Phillipos EP "After Dark" released in January 2016. A fantastic EP, Different from anything else I’ve ever heard. This Pop/Rock EP is one of a kind and should for sure be checked out. At the age of nineteen, Maria Phillipos is a powerful Pop/Rock artist from Edmonton, Alberta with a passion for performing and composition. After Dark contains seven intimate songs she has written about loss, love, and self-discovery with haunting melodies and honest lyrics. The EP has received radio play on CJSR and has been featured in YEG Music Magazine, YEG Music Mixtape, and YEG Local Live Music.  

Williams favorite song was Dark Waters. His Comments "Super Catchy, caught my attention right away and if a very well put together EP in general" 

My Favorite being the same, I made the comments " I'm just going to throw this out there. You want to impress me, keep it catchy, keep it upbeat. I specialize in metal but this EP for sure suited my music tasted when it comes to critique” 


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